New Washington Barn Frame

  • Frame
    New Washington Barn Frame
  • Dimensions
  • Price
  • Feature
    24'-16'-16'-18'-12'-14' Bent Layout
  • Feature
    14'6'' Exterior Wall
  • Feature
    36'6'' Roof Peak
This massive barn frame measures a full 46’ wide by 100’ in length. This is an original build (no additions). The bent layout is 24’-16’-16’-18’-12’-14’. The exterior walls are 14’6” tall. The height of the roof peak is 36’6”. The beams are all handhewn and measure a full 10”x12”. Exterior walls are accented with X wind bracing. The original gable roof was replaced with a gambrel style roof in the early 1920’s. This frame is in pristine condition and would make for an incredible venue barn.
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