A bit of history about Ohio Valley Barn Salvage

Randy Smith is the owner of Ohio Valley Barn Salvage. The story behind Randy’s passion for barn salvage is a long and unique one.

In 1998, on a motorcycle ride to Morgan county, Randy happened across the vacant Stockport Mill entirely by chance. Two years and a lot of hard work later, the Mill was completely restored into a bed and breakfast, the Stockport Mill Inn. It is still operating today, and subconsciously jump-started the events that encouraged Randy into a new career.

Before entering the barn salvage business full-time, Randy owned a commercial roofing company for 25 years. From 2004 until 2013, Randy was Vice President of a large commercial roofing company in Columbus, Ohio. On weekends, Randy spent his time taking down barns.

In 2004 on Randy’s first date with his now-wife Jeanne, Randy asked his ‘top five questions’ that would hopefully lead to a second date. One question was what Jeanne’s dream home would be. Her answer was an old barn, perhaps with horses underneath it. That comment got her to a second date. In 2005 they dismantled a 1906, 36’x48’ barn outside Butler Ohio. They moved it to Mt. Gilead in 2006 and reassembled it. Jeanne got her barn home, minus the horses below them.

In 2005, Randy and Jeanne found an old barn in Butler, Ohio, and it was now Randy’s job to convince her that they could make a great home out of it. Once the frame was up, they found they needed more reclaimed wood to complete Jeanne’s dream home.

At first, it was a necessity to find old barns to complete the home. Somewhere along the line, it became more than a necessity. It turned into a passion, and now a career. As Randy says, “Who thought it would be in my job description that I’m a professional ‘de-nailer?’”

Since starting full-time in 2011, the Ohio Valley Barn Salvage crew have dismantled over 150 barns and log cabins in central Ohio. We have many satisfied clients. Let Ohio Valley Barn Salvage carefully dismantle, reclaim, and re-purpose your family heirloom!


As barn salvage contractors:

We specialize in dismantling old barns with the intent of reclaiming as much material as possible. This material is used by contractors and homeowners throughout the United States who desire it for their own reclaimed wood projects.


We are located in Mt. Gilead, Ohio:

We cover an area of about 100 miles in any direction for our ‘barn hunts’. When we find a barn, we carefully examine it to see if it meets our requirements for salvage material. There are many factors that determine if a barn is right for salvage.


Since 2006:

We at Ohio Valley Barn Salvage have successfully dismantled over 150 barns in the central Ohio area. We have an experienced crew who take the time to work within a structure that may be over 150 years old, and has seen weather and time try to bring it to the ground.


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Jack and I cannot say enough about Ohio Valley Barn Salvage. It was a very hard decision to let go of a barn that meant so much to Jack's family. His brother, sisters, and cousins had corn cob fights, played basketball, played with kittens, milked cows, and I could go on and on. Randy and his crew were wonderful and very hard workers. We could see their interest and care while taking the barn down. We are both so happy to know the barn will be put to use again.

Linda Fisher - Customer


My husband and I are so thankful that we found OVBS after talking with several others about building our dream home. Upon meeting Randy, we knew immediately that he was the guy for the job! He was extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, experienced, friendly, and fair. Randy (and his crew) made a potentially stressful project relaxed and memorable. Our project was a priority despite his busy schedule. Randy didn't miss a beat. From the construction to the clean up, Randy was meticulous and detail-oriented. We learned so much and have a better appreciation for our timber frame home and reclaimed barns than ever before. Thank you, Randy, for such a positive experience, for having a hand in our dream home, and for becoming a good friend as well!

The Klugs - Customer

Historic Barn Frames

Ohio Valley Barn Salvage specializes in dismantling old barn frames and salvaging barn materials. We package and ship barn frames all over the country for homes, restaurants, events space and more.

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