Barn Salvage Services

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Barn Frame Sales

Many times we sell our barn frames before we get them listed on our web page and this is a good way to get a really great barn. Call us and talk with us about your needs and we will help you determine approximately what size-range frame might suit your project building plans. We will then e-mail you pictures of any barns we get that are within that range and give you an opportunity to discuss the possibility of purchasing it before we list it on our web page. Really great frames often don't last long on our web site and we generally sell only a limited number per year. The really spectacular ones are not that easy to find.

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Barn Frame Transportation & Trucking

Shipping of the frame and materials to your site will vary based on how far it has to be shipped. Generally speaking, most frames require a tractor trailer. Shipping charges change frequently with the price of fuel. To save you money, we usually suggest that you arrange to have the frame unloaded at your site by your general contractor. We suggest that the frame comes to your site after your excavation, construction road and perhaps even the foundation and deck are installed so that there is no problem getting the truck in and you can store the frame reasonably close to the building site. Many times your contractor will already have equipment there that would be adequate to unload the frame. If we are reconstructing the frame and everybody's timing and schedules would just happen to work out perfect - which is usually rare - we could also come to your site and unload the truck and start the reconstruction of the frame all at the same time.

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Barn Dismantling

We'll dismantle the barn piece by piece to ensure we reclaim as much material as possible.

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Complete barn frame sales

We have many dismatled hand-hewn barn frames instock and ready to ship anywhere in the United States.

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Reclaimed lumber Transportation

We can, for a small fee, arrange to have your purchased hand-hewn barn frame shipped directly to you.

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Free Estimates

We are happy to provide you with a free estimate for the cost of our reclaimed hand hewn lumber.

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Nationwide Delivery

We'll deliver your barn frame to anywhere in the Continental United States.

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Customer Service

We pride ourselves on being available to answer our customers questions and concerns.

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Barn Inspection

After we locate an old barn or historic timber frame, we assess the structural integrity of the building. From there, we make recommendations for restoration and can estimate the costs of restoration and construction process.

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Barn Frame Assembly

Each restored frame is carefully labeled before dismantling. We take care of transporting it to the site of new construction and re-erect the frame on site. Depending on the size of the frame, we may use a crane to help erect the frame. Whenever possible, we hold a traditional barn raising where family and friends can join our crew of experts in erecting the timber frame. It’s an emotional and thrilling moment to see a historic frame hoisted into the air.


Historic Barn Frames

Ohio Valley Barn Salvage specializes in purchasing & dismantling old barn frames along with salvaging barn materials. We package and ship barn frames all over the country for homes, restaurants, events space and more. In addition, we complete on-site reassembly and reconstruction of old barn frames.

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