Stewart and Wasserman Barns

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    Stewart and Wasserman Barns
  • Dimensions
    Combined Barn Frames
  • Feature
    Historic Stewart barn frame circa 1830's
  • Feature
    Historic Wasserman Barn frame circa 1850's
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    Nashville, TN
In May of 2021 the Ohio Valley Barn Salvage team headed to Lebanon Tennessee to reassemble the Historic Stewart barn frame circa 1830's and the Historic Wasserman Barn frame circa 1850's. The Stewart Frame measured 40'wide x 80' long. The Wasserman frame measured 30'x42' The OVBS crew dismantled the Wasserman frame in January of 2020 and the Stewart frame in May of 2020. The Wasserman frame was in pretty solid condition and required very little replacement timbers. The massive Stewart frame required 3 weeks of recreating matching replacement timbers. This including (4) primary 12''x13'' upright post and completely rebuilding the mid rafter plates. The existing mid rafter plate was undersized with 7''x9'' plates. The OVBS team added 9''x10'' mid rafter plates so the owner could add 8'' insulated roof panels to carry the (2) 22' bays on each end of the barn. OVBS replaced the 36' wind bracing with 60'' winding bracing members for added strength. Both frames were assembled on the owners poured concrete slab. Follow additional photos when the entire frame will be wrapped in structural insulated panels by Entercept Corporation. The new owners Taber, Mini and Felix love there new timber frame structures.
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