Mays Frame

Ohio Valley Barn Salvage - Mays Frame

This barn dated late 1820 measures 40’x80’ long. I love old barns with non-typical building design. The barn is spaced at (4) 20’ bays. The outside walls are 14’tall. You have connecting 20’ tie beams running the length of the barn that allowed for loft area. The 3 interior bents have wonderful tie beams that extend just past upright and tie back into place with short wind. It’s a must see on our website as there are plenty of photos that might help my description of this barn. The original pole rafters are missing , but have access to matching materials. This is another great venue barn frame with lots of early barn building highlites everywhere you look.

  • Frame
    Mays Frame
  • Dimensions
  • Origin
  • Feature
    (4) 20’ Bays
  • Feature
    14' Outside Walls
  • Feature
    Loft Area
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